I have been asked many times by my friends as to what Sports and Exercise medicine (SEM) really is. It is fairly new specialty although its much more established in the United states. 

I here quoted from Faculty of Sports and Exercise medicine (FSEM).

Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) is a discipline which draws upon basic and applied biomedical and clinical sciences for the furtherance of knowledge and ensuring best practice in the diagnosis and management of Sport and Exercise related clinical problems. The discipline is relevant to the whole population and seeks to promote health, to prevent disease or injury, to apply optimal treatment and rehabilitation, and to measure outcomes.’

The role of the specialist doctor (Consultant) in Sport and Exercise medicine reflects the ‘broad church’ of the specialty training curriculum and spans primary, secondary and tertiary care. It includes:

a) Physical activity in special groups such as pregnancy, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, the overweight and obese, children and older adults (many of whom will have complex co-morbidities).

b) To lead or support multi disciplinary teams to deliver exercise programmes for health and wellness, including to those who are currently sedentary.

c) Working with colleagues in Public Health for Health and Wellness.

d) Musculoskeletal medicine: Management of soft tissue injuries with specific focus on exercise and sport related injuries. This will involve working with musculoskeletal radiologists, biomechanists, physiotherapists, and osteopathy and orthopedics. 
It will also enhance rehabilitation and recovery after surgery.

e) Working with elite sportsmen and women to assist them in maximizing performance (within international rules), reducing injury time and minimizing the co-morbidity associated with elite sporting participation through research, engagement with sporting bodies and appropriate talent identification.

f) Contribute to accident and emergency services

g) Psycho-social aspects of sport and exercise medicine

h) Rehabilitation of both able and disabled sportsmen and women of all standards

i) Academic commitment such as Audit, research and teaching